Zero Cash Spends Can Come

With Serious Business Advantages

"Maximize Savings: The Benefits of OneUpTrade's Cashfree Corporate Barter Exchange"

Benefits Of OneUpTrade

We are transforming how organizations conduct business, one trade at a time. Learn about the exact benefits your organization stands to gain when you upgrade to intelligent reciprocal trade with our cashfree corporate barter exchange services.

Reduce Costs

OneUpTrade allows you as a business, to pay for your purchases with the additional sales of your own goods or services. The built-in margin in the sales of your own goods and services becomes the discount on all your purchases. For example, if it costs you 25p in the rupee to produce your own goods or services, then for every Rs.100 that you spend, the actual cost to you is only Rs.25. In effect you are buying everything at a 75% discount. Because of the margin in your own sales, the effective cost on barter is always lower than buying on cash.

OneUpTrade enables you to pay for what you need with your own goods or services, instead of spending cash. This allows you to preserve much-needed working capital for other important business expenses. ‘Preserving Cash’ is the primary benefit of Barter. When you use OneUpTrade to purchase goods and services, you reduce your cash outflow and instead pay with revenue generated by additional sales of your goods and services.

OneUpTrade very effectively promotes your company and brand within its B2B Network, which consists of more than 2000 reputed businesses, locally and nationally. It markets and sells your goods and services to its clients, giving you incremental sales over and above your regular cash business, bringing in new revenue, and new customers, expanding your market reach and helping you increase your top line.

Enhance Purchasing Power

OneUpTrade enables businesses to make purchases without the need for cash. It not only allows businesses to use their current stocks and inventory to pay for their purchases but also leverages the future sale of their goods and services to make immediate purchases. This substantially increases the purchasing power of businesses. For example, OneUpTrade helps businesses to execute advertising and marketing campaigns to boost their cash sales, without the need for cash.

Utilize Spare Capacity

OneUpTrade helps businesses utilize their spare capacity, idle inventory, and downtime, creating incremental revenue that would not have been available otherwise. It is a profitable way to generate more revenue during lean periods or lean seasons when business is typically slower due to your goods or services mix. If your business has the capacity to take on more business, you can use OneUpTrade as an additional source of revenue.

Move Excess Inventory

OneUpTrade helps you to convert excess stock and non-performing assets into other valuable goods and services to support your business. Exchanging excess or slow-moving inventory with something else that you can use, yields a much better value than liquidating through drastic discounting. Using OneUpTrade provides an alternative system to put excess inventory and non-performing assets to use in a profitable manner.

Optimize Business Performance

OneUpTrade benefits businesses in more ways than one, it helps you to identify and achieve the objectives that are most important for your business. Reduced costs, reduced cash outflows, greater purchasing power, better inventory management, utilization of spare capacity, and increased sales; all contribute significantly to enhance productivity and optimize your overall business performance.